700 Art Posts Later

"The worst part is that you're never 'done' with art. There's not a finishing line. It's an ongoing process of improvement...That is also the best part...Your improvement is infinite. Seeing my characters and worlds come out of my head, every time better and more precise is a great accomplishment for me."

Most of Picolo's work starts with pencil and paper, maybe traditional ink or markers for a nice greyscale finish. Then he brings the image into Photoshop to add color. His focus on a limited traditional and digital palette has made his work consistent. He's been able to improve with anatomy, perspective, while being able to crank out work in a few days' time. 
With a few Instagram stories and a blast of comments, Gabriel Picolo got Chris Brown to take down an uncredited Instagram re-post that was a clear theft of artwork. Even though the situation happens alll the time, it rarely gets resolved. A following of 1.7 million, and a Blue Verification Tick, could prove to be helpful. 
Gabriel Picolo circled back to his beginnings and kept in line with fanart. he decided to draw an art series he enjoyed, while also finding a way to twist the fanart into his own--#casualteentitans. This was also an angle he took to build a portfolio for DC Comics--an opportunity that he tried hard for, but unfortunately, wasn't accepted into. Even though he didn't make it at his dream job, he never stopped working hard. He didn't let a 'no' stop him from creating. He still works hard, just like any graduated illustrator would. Because Picolo takes his work serious, everyone else does too.