As an artist, I'm all about storytelling in its entirety. It's one of the many ways that we connect with one another. Art allows me to share the narratives that I can't keep to myself. Many artists have become a huge inspiration, but my current top three have to be: 

  • Dan Dos Santos. His narrative is effortless. I love his sense of color and impactful composition.

  • Leslie Hung. I really appreciate her sense of expression and personality within her linework.

  • Gabriel Picolo. By being self-taught and successful, he has motivated me to become better through determination.

These artists have guided me to my own respective style. My favorite types of projects are long term: to get invested with key details, character development and polish everything like a raw diamond. I'd like to continue creative visual narratives that fit within the publishing, product, and advertising world. 

I'm learning the importance of being able to create concepts that resonate. Whether I'm fabricating through visuals or writing, I want to create room for symbolism and interpretation. My work is most often created by a painterly approach, well-crafted line, and strong story. I'm heavily inspired by myths and research. Art can be a narrator, all you have to do is come near and listen. 

I am a proud SCAD Alumna, B.F.A in both Illustration and Writing. Currently, I reside in Savannah-serving at day, creating at night. I am working to move to New York where I can fully launch into my career.