Cupid & Psyche


This represents a key moment in the Greek myth story of Cupid and Psyche.

Psyche is married to Cupid without ever seeing his face or knowing who he is. At first, this doesn't bother her. As time progresses, and once her sisters' visit, Psyche becomes suspicious of her husband. He must be a monster. That evening she crept into their bedroom with a candle and knife, ready to kill Cupid. 

She saw his sleeping face. He was beautiful. She was so transfixed by him that candle wax fell on his wings, waking Cupid. He jumps out of bed. Psyche stumbles back, stepping on one of his love arrows. She sees him and falls in love. Cupid, on the other hand, is hurt and betrayed. 


Digital Painting

Per usual for me, I started with the roots at the back, then the heart. I decided the heart would be the brightest area and based my shading from that. I colored each area individually. 

Cupid Process Website_Page_3.jpg

Reference & Inspiration

I didn't use too much reference for this, mostly using the heart to get the shape right and the vines from Over the Garden Wall. This was a piece that I used the visuals I had and layered onto it. 

Cupid Process Website_Page_2.jpg


I originally did this project when I was first learning how to digitally paint (I'm still learning how to digital paint). The first piece is strong, but there was no interaction with the borders, and the colors were far too abrasive. Finding a much softer color palette and roots that filled in more interest: I was already far happier. 

Cupid Process Website_Page_1.jpg