Evermore Lenore

Evermore Lenore.jpg

Based on Edgar Allen Poe's "The Raven." I wanted to capture the essence of the macabre poem while also adding my own translation to it. The narrator seemed to push Lenore to her own destruction, and could be represented as domestic abuse. I was motivated to symbolize domestic abuse through toys or broken ballerinas. 

Several lines in the poem strongly motivated my ideas: 

  • "Each separate dying ember wrought its ghost upon the floor"

  • "Dreaming dreams no mortals ever dared dream before"

  • "Ghastly grim and ancient raven wondering form the Nightly shore"

I learned so much from this project. I have a much stronger handle of two-point perspective, color palettes and lighting. This was the start of my portfolio. 


Digital Painting

Focusing in on my color palette, I wanted to push away from local color. I worked on the background first, because that's where the light source was coming from and I wanted to see how far the light would come. This project helped centralize my light and shadow. I never knew how to control them before, but after this project: I can't NOT see lighting. 

Raven Process 3 Parts.jpg

References & Inspirations

I love researching, and the more I get involved within that--the more it informs my illustration. It's all the little things, such as what kind of music boxes there are that affects my work. I made sure to look at clothing and studies from the late 1800's. I also came across the Burial of Atala. This really helped: I was so moved by the emotion portrayed through the embrace. I wanted to incorporate that into my work as much as possible. 

Raven Process 3 Parts2.jpg


This was such a hard project for me. I wanted to create something that was still connected to the Raven, but also connected to me. I didn't want to draw a typical raven, but I wanted to indicate it. At first, I was focused purely on the ballerina, and the Raven's affect on her. The professor told me to try again, so i sat down and pushed my thumbnails to have more interactions.

Raven Process 3 Parts.jpg