Literary Travel

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The writer, Ann Morgan, read novels from every part of the world and picked her favorites. She was suprised at how much the culture enrichened each one and how it affected the reading. It felt like she'd traveled to each country she read a book from. I found the topic playful and perfect for me to capture. 


Typography Explorations

Figuring which type would be best took far longer in this project then the illustration itself. The illustration only took a few hours whereas the typography took several. I made sure to weave the illustration around the type, and then to pick complimentary typography. 

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These different places were VITAL to my illustration being so successful. I needed to see the arches, windows, bricks and peaks in order to manipulate them. These are mostly based around Spain, Myanmar, or Switzerland. 

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The idea was strong, the thumbnails focusing more on what angle would be best. Should there be a person holding the book or no? 

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