A Medieval Invitation

A Medieval Invitation.jpg

The assignment was to create a greeting card or invitation. When I was offered a chance to do a holiday card, I was beyond excited. Because Game of Thrones and Camelot based Halloween parties are so very popular, I thought this would be a good theme for a card. I weaved different bottles and roses in her hair. Overall, this was purely fun to do. 


Digital Painting

When I reworked this illustration, I kept the core intentions of the original. I added more asymmetry. I also added small details that would become 2nd and 3rd points of interest. I started shading the hair, and that helped inform the rest.

Greeting Card Process Website_Page_3.jpg

References & Inspiration

I was revealed to Teagan White and Jessica Roux, both SCAD alumni that are doing really powerful things in the market. I also looked to tons of candles and how they glow, along with roses and potion bottles. 

Greeting Card Process Website_Page_2.jpg


I thught it would be really need to create a border based illustration, especially after coming across Teagan White and Jessica Roux's work. I did all of the drawing through graphite and added the color digitally. I went through several different type relationships, the ones below were my top three. I was told it was better to have an uneven amount of roses, that asymmetry is your friend with symmetry. So, I made smaller roses and added more of them. 

Greeting Card Process Website_Page_1.jpg