If Only

If Only final version 2.jpg

I wanted to play with patterned paper, with social class, and star-crossed lovers. The story behind this was what helped so many decisions and allows for the audience to take on their own intepretations. The sumari just returns from a bloody battle, allegiances have been long broken. He realizes this won't work, he has to see her one more time. Maybe this is the moment that she's told they couldn't be together. She would leave with him, but she couldn't--cant--fit in his world. Her city calls, her moon calls for her all the while that her heart calls for him. 


Digital Painting

Just like a traditional painting, I enjoy building up the piece. I make sure to have my color system in place, and then detail each area from the farther most area to the front. I wasn't sure about lighting, but as I came near the end: it came naturally. 

If Only Process Website_Page_3.jpg

Reference & Inspiration

I didn't have a set place in mind when creating If Only. I was inspired by facial painitng, peruvian crowns, and Swedish Castles. 

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This was originally done in paper collage. As my skillset changed, I wanted to carry this with me. This is overall simple in composition, but easy to layer and slowly make it more complicated. I made sure to play with size, light, and color to polarize the queen and samurai even more.I tried to keep the original color palette, but it didn't work. So i checked out several different palettes before deciding. I also downplayed the castle. It was far too overbearing as I redrew the design. I decided to make it more subtle and incorporate more jewelry accent pieces. 

If Only Process Website_Page_1.jpg