"Makeshift Fire"


I could barely fit a notebook there. 

Moreover, interesting people filled my family and this table contained records of each. It’s stained from a burned cigarette spot on the side, a slight watermark on the top to the left, and scuffed scratches on the leg. Aunts and Uncles don’t visit often now, but the memory was still there and those fun-filled days’ spring back to me.

            Incidentally, I learned about my family’s history and all the stories in-between, on a Tuesday afternoon at dinner. My meme’s family, the Smiths, originally meant a strong, wealthy name. On the flipside, they were hot-tempered and proud people. We used to have an ancestral house, built by the Smiths. It held portraits of relatives that dated back from when they first immigrated to Charleston. My great-grandmother and her husband owned it at the time. From her frustration with her husband, she burned everything down before he came home. The portraits, historical documents, wills, and money—gone.