Vulnerabilities & Suicides


Meet Vulnerability if she was a living, breathing being. I imagine vulnerability being at the edge, not broken but almost. I see her heart being open for all to see, and the only separation between us and it a glass case. 


Digital Painting

A visual of all the different levels this went through. Each step was heavily considered and carefully placed. First was the building of the gif itself. Then the background. Then the relevance in the markets.  I thought it strongest to fit in the advertising world. Lastly, I played with types and placement. 

Vulnerability Process Website_Page_3.jpg

References & Inspiration

One of the hardest parts was how to capture tears in motion. I thought first of Howl's Moving Castle, and that was my center. Later on, I researched into several different suicide prevention posters to help place type and content. 

Vulnerability Process Website_Page_2.jpg


It all began with one sketch. I kept having this idea of this character turning around. I wanted to capture that, so I did. Below are the freezeframes of the final animation. 

Vulnerability Process Website_Page_1.jpg