Protecting the Gate

Protecting the Gate.jpg

It's good versus evil again. I wanted to challenge myself by having a lot of characters in one scene. What is the best way to frame it, what angle, where would the lighting be coming from? All of these questions are what carried my decisions for this piece.


Digital Painting

This piece went through two separate runs. The build up of color took a long time, and i wanted to add dimension to the gate in the background. I originally thought all of the angels would become my focal point. With feedback from my peers, I realized it was better to have sharp light come from one of the angel acting as a ward to the demons. 

Good vs Evil Process Website_Page_3.jpg


It was very difficult to find the sophisicated, quiet designs I was looking for to add within my own work. I didn't want to cheapen the look of an angel or demon. I wanted to push them both to be otherworldly in polar opposites. Where angels are near perfection, demons are near chaos. How could one capture that? Finding these images with light glows, and sharp cheekbones: I had a direction. 

Good vs Evil Process Website_Page_2.jpg


From the beginning, I was really nervous about this project. I hadn't pushed myself to do several figures before. And I wasn't sure how I was going to pull them off. Thumbnails were rough for me. I kept rethinking the composition in my head, that several never made it to the page. When I had a loose idea that I truly liked, I started diving in. I wanted this to be detail heavy, because it would help drive the divinity and offset the macabre features. 

Good vs Evil Process Website_Page_1.jpg