I didn't feel like me either...

I told myself that being depressed wasn’t the only thing to feel in the world. I must remind myself that I have more to offer, more to feel than greyness. Depression is only worth what it is given. It tricked me, feeding into my every hope, and divvied them as worthless. I am in control, not my emotions. And though depression had me yesterday-it will not win today. It will not persuade me any longer to sleep away my troubles, to not try for jobs because I’m not the most talented person.


At those times, it seems that everyone and everything is against me when I try to do better. This isn’t true at all; some days are going

to be harder than others. Failures will happen, but the way I see them is what’s important. Let them become stones, marking points to use as leverage, as reflection that my work is better than it was. I need to use failures to make me a better me.