"Runaway to Paradise"


An aged man with orange and blue clothes greets me. 

I don’t catch his name, but he looks like a Cain, maybe a Judas. Regardless, he has a double-decked boat, and I want to scuba dive. I’m not alone, there are roughly twenty other tourists that come as well. When the boat takes off, he passes out laminated photographs. He explains what is dangerous and what isn’t. “Don’t touch these types of corals, for they are poisonous. Eels are known to show up from time to time. If you see one, swim away and call for help. Simple.”

I’m tempted to ask if he has a laminated photograph of who the eels and the poison coral are in my life. But I’m sure he would only laugh and wave off my concern as he did when someone asks more about the poison­ous coral.