She Will Be Loved

Levine is clever with his lyrics.

Take a look at the last line: “Please don’t try so hard to say goodbye.” The verse, as a whole, is longing as he tries to keep her. Then, he fragments the phrase in half, “Please don’t try/so hard to say goodbye” which shows that he’s losing her. Goodbye becomes a repeat of its own. He is musically demonstrating that love is fragile. Love can break, but it will linger, like the goodbye.   

            It’s a rare delight to hear such carefully placed music, almost as much as it is to fall in love. There is hurt in the music, but never once regret. The song starts with a bass that strums throughout. It’s consistent, but soft. Levine coos the first stanza, mimicking the rhythm the bass gives. Then he extends his vocals on vowels. The guitar and drums weave in only at the chorus. The piano threads into the confession of Levine telling the girl he loves her.