Under the Circus Tent

Under the Circus Tent.png

Being one of my favorites, I really wanted to give justice to this book. I wanted to add the circus and night in a unique way. There's a rain scene, where Marco holds an umbrella for Celia. I love drawing people, so I was happy that I could push the color palette and have fun with the characters. 


Digital Painting

Gradients helped me work smarter. I overlayed a bit of textures to get a more collage feel that is still painterly. It was difficult to keep the circus umbrella soft and colorful, but using the dark tone overall helped control it. 

Night Circus Process Website_Page_3.jpg

References & Inspirations

I really enjoyed Daniel Merriam's soft and dreamy renditions of clocks, architecture, and nighttime scenes. I also was really motivated by the considered type book covers. I made sure to find couples that were affectionate, but still modest of the PDA because the book embraces subtleties. 

Night Circus Process Website_Page_2.jpg


I worked through several different possibilites for this book cover. I knew the existing one was so strong, that I had to bring my A game. I tried out one of my thumbnails, and wasn't proud of it. Later, I picked one of the other sketches I had, and developed it to fruitation. I wanted to pick a colorful but cool color theme, that gives a whimsy but majestic feel to the circus. 

Night Circus Process Website_Page_1.jpg