Chocolat - Website Branding 


For a class assignment, I needed to create a website based on the branding  of a company brochure. I had to keep a consistent sense of tone and visuals. I chose Chocolat, a local brand with a high status. I wanted to capture the elegance and decadant nature of the Chocolat.

Things I needed to keep in mind:

  • target audience: consumers that put value on the quality of food they eat
  • what did they most want to know: Why this brand is worth it
  • call to action: to buy chocolate
Wireframe ideas

Wireframe ideas

Kennedy-Print to Web.jpg

Using Illustrator, I created a homepage mockup. I chose Monotype Corsiva and Bookman Old Style as text complements. I wanted to keep the homepage clear and straightforward. Keeping the layout a crisp greyscale lended itself to the logo while letting the chocolates be the focus of attention.