In the world of Somebodies, 

 the only limitation to success is your mind. Everyone is unique. Possibilities aren’t so impossible. Somebodies say yes to opportunity. The stunning part about Somebodies is that once they are let loose to choices, they soar far higher than one would imagine. They become miracle workers, but it only takes one brutal blow to knock them down. They are glass on a high shelf. Beautiful to look at, easy to shatter. It’s not that they are weak; it’s that they are visible. Their flaws are shown to the world, and that could make anyone break.

In the world of Nobodies, there isn’t an idea of being successful by following dreams. Dreams are an unnecessary risk since its full of the unknown. Nobodies are terrified of uncertainty. When Nobodies try to climb into wealth, they might make it—but more so they fall on their face and never quite recover. Nobodies are the sparrows of the world, whose wings are ripped off. Instead of dying, they live a suffering, harsh life. Regard­less, they know how to survive when all else fails. They tuck away their dreams, their secret loves, and bury them so deep that its only mentioned in a passing sentence.